With the biggest to iPod Touch release this year, the app store, we thought we should give you our list; The Best Applications from the App Store of 2008.

  • All Time Best Game
Rolando- An extremely well-made platform puzzle-arcade game.
  • Best Action Game
Brothers in Arms- An explosive first person shooter with multiple weapons, vehicles and enemies.
  • Best Board Game
Monopoly- A great re-creation of the board game with great graphics and flowing movements.
  • Best Puzzle Game
Enigmo- An addicting puzzle game with great 3D graphics.
  • Best Racing Game
Fastlane Street Racing- A beautiful racing game with great graphics and a wide variety of cars and tracks.
  • Best Sports Game
Touchgrind- A fun to play skateboard game with smooth graphics and a wide variety of un-lockable boards.
  • Best Entertainment App
FooPets Marley Puppy- A fun-to-play with virtual dog based on 20th Century Fox's movie, Marley and Me.
  • Best Utilities App
Units- An easy to use and fast unit converter with many features.
  • Best Musical App
AmbiScience- An app with nine high quality soundtracks that can help calm and sooth the mind and body.


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