Ngmoco Incorporated has rolled out a new instant classic: Topple. Topple is much like Tetris; except on steroids. You must stack the blocks in any order you choose and try and reach the goal line without dropping four or more blocks. If you still have time, get to the bonus line for even more points.

As the levels increase, the shapes become harder to deal with. Keep these tips in mind when you find your self with a sticky situation.

  • Two triangles make a square, which is much easier to deal with.
  • You are allowed to throw away the golden eggs. Although, if you keep them and stack them properly, they are extra points.
  • Remember to use the accelerometer when the blocks start to sway.
  • Use one finger to hold on to the block and swing your other finger around it to spin the bock.

One of the best parts of this games is something Tetris doesn't have, facial expressions. Each block had a personality. They are cranky when they first pop-up on the screen, then they are relieved when they are stacked. If it starts to fall over, it has a worried and scared look. This puts Topple over the competition.

Overall, this game is a great, challenging, and very addicting puzzle game with some perks that other puzzle games just don't have. This is very recommended for anyone looking for a great puzzle game. Get it while it's still free.


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