Made the Best iPhone App at Apple's WWDC 2008 Event, I just had to try this app. After trying, I knew why it was made the best app! Enigmo is a puzzle game that isn't! When playing you don't feel like you are playing a puzzle game. You feel like you are playing an action/adventure game that takes some skill and patience.

In Enigmo you have a pot of water that holds an unlimited amount of water droplets that drip out. Your goal is to guide 40 water droplets to the other pot using mini trampolines, water cannons and anything else they give you.

The 3D graphics are wonderful in this game. It is not just a flat picture with water droplets. When you move up or down, you can see an angular view of the setup. Before each level, you get a beautiful mini tour of the setup.

To play, find the two pots that you will be matching. Then find out how many of each object you have by looking at the left column. You can drag these items on to the screen to use to guide your water. To rotate, tap on the object and then tap on one of the triangles surrounding the object. Next, turn your finger in the direction you want the object to rotate. For more precise movements, first grab the triangle and pull out towards the edges of the screen, this will make the circle bigger allowing you to maneuver easier!

Watch out sometimes you get pots filled with water and pots filled with fireballs that have to go in their own pots.

You can also download new levels straight from the Enigmo app. From the start screen go to Play Game then Download. You will then get a list of levels that can be downloaded for Enigmo with a mini description at the bottom. To download just push Download this Game File in the bottom middle.

The only thing we didn't like about this game was that it didn't come with a good manual. The manual was online and even then it was still hard to find. Most of the game you can figure out but it took us awhile.

Overall, I strongly recommend you get this app. It has great 3D graphics, non-laggy software, and a great price. It's a game that you can't get bored of since you can always download new levels.


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