This years most anticipated app for iPod touch and iPhone has arrived! Rolando features brilliant graphics, stunning game play, and new technology that has not been found in previous applications.

In Rolando you, the 'godly' finger, must rescue the Rolando's from each of the 36 creative levels. Each level starts out with a mini story and sometimes has small tutorial showing you how to use a different skill. You must rescue the required amount of Rolando's before they are captured by the shadow creatures. Bring them to the exit and collect the diamonds to get bonus points.

The first level gives a brief overview on the controls used in Rolando. Some of those controls include:

  • Use two fingers to slide around and view the map.
  • Use one finger two make a box over multiple Rolando's to select them.
  • Tap anywhere to de-select the Rolando's.
  • Tap on a Rolando to select it.
  • Tilt your iPod to make the Rolando's roll left and right.
  • Slide your finger from the bottom of the screen to the top to make your Rolando jump.
The controls become very natural and flowing once you get used to them.

One of the most ingenious parts of this application is the introduction of iSave. iSave automatically saves the game for you no matter where you are. Just push the home button at any time during the game and when it starts back up the next time you want to play, it will automatically start up where you left off. This is much better than having to finish a level before being able to save.

Each character that you play with has its own mind. When Rolandos are pushing blocks, when it dies, or when it's trying to get the sleeping king, each Rolando expresses a different facial expression.

The developers left nothing out in this platform puzzle. The difficulty isn't too easy that the game is beaten on a boring afternoon. But it isn't so difficult that you don't get frustrated with it.

This is one of the best iPod touch games ever made. It is truly worth the ten dollars. It will keep you busy for hours as you guide the Rolando's to freedom.


Online Casinos said... @ November 17, 2009 at 6:17 PM

This looks pretty interesting. I wanna have this game on my iphone. I really bet this is really fun to play. I'm looking forward for this game. :D

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