Brothers in Arms brings a whole new game of its kind to the iPod Touch and iPhone platform. With quality only matched by other games on platforms like Nintendo DS and Sony PSP. Brothers in Arms sets the player in WWII as a solider of the 101st Airborne. You can drive tanks, fire bazookas, or just walk around on foot with your AK-47. This game features amazing graphics, stunning use of controls, and it all comes with no lag. It also features 3 campaigns with 13 action-packed missions.

The controls are simple enough but they do take awhile to get used to. Just looking at the controls showed us this game was very though out. Once you to get used to them, they will become very natural and flowing. We very pleased when we saw that the accelerometer was not used, it can get very annoying when you are laying down and playing.

Use the small circular 'game pad' to move your character back, forth, left, and right. You can use your thumb to look around in the world. Just place your thumb in the center of the screen and move it up and down. The button on the bottom right is used for firing.

The graphics are just simply amazing. We weren't expecting this game to be so flowing in motion and graphics. Everything is clearly visible from the grenade explosions right down to the bullet fires.

You are guided by your commanding officer who gives commands to you from the top right screen. You will also have an arrow on one of the four sides of your screen pointing you towards the correct direction to complete your mission.

Overall Brothers in Arms Hour of Heroes is an amazing game with amazing 3D next-generation graphics, stunning game play, and quality that you would expect out of a large gaming title. We would have paid three times as much for this amazing game. We recommend this to anyone looking for hours of game time without sacrificing quality. This is one game you won't want to miss.


Anonymous said... @ October 31, 2009 at 8:15 AM

AK-47 in WW2... Sure.

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