Many great apps have been looked over because of the problems they had, their names, or their icons visual appeal. So we sought to lurk deep with-in the app store, going where most fear to venture. We were surprised when we found many great apps that should be put into the top 50.
These are our great and forgotten apps in order from least to greatest.

4.Bike or Die 2 - $6.99

Featuring 3D bike-like physics and over 2500 levels, this game can be played for hours on the go.

3. LEGO Batman Gotham City Games - $5.99

Batman Gotham City Games features a comic book style storyline. The game is not all played as the same. Each level has a different mini game. Everything from Batman Pong to Batman pinball. The game includes 16 mini-games.

2.The Chronicles of Inotia - $7.99

In this action filled RPG, you play as a young warrior building your skills and completing quests. This game is very addicting especially when you have many quests going at the same time. There is a wide variety of weapons, amour, and potions to find when killing creatures.

1.Galcon - $4.99

This highly addictive single and multiplayer game comes in a full version and a lite version to try before buying. In Galcon you are are power hungry galactic war lord. You mission is to take over the galaxy before your competitors destroy you. Send out fleets of ships to attack your enemy. This game also features great online mutliplayer.


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