MONOPOLY Here & Now: The World Edition
Price: $4.99
Rating: 4.8/5
The classic board game Monopoly is here for iPod Touch. With amazing graphics and no need to sort out money to each player, will this new game live up to its hype? Read on for more info.

This was probably one of my most anticipated games from the App Store, thus far. It was because of two reasons;

  • Monopoly was the winner of Best Game for the 2008 Mobile Excellence Awards and
  • I really like Monopoly, but I hate having to setup and cleanup all the money and pieces. This takes away all the pain.
When you first start the game and you are at the main menu, you can really start to realize how much thought was put into the quality of this game. Instead of throwing some picture of the Monopoly board as the background, the creators put in a small video which shows the circling of the Monopoly board. The graphics are actually pretty good for a game with so many process going on at the same time with absolutely no lag. Even the tokens make small
animations as they are moving.

You can play multilplayer with a computer or with another human over internet connection with up to four different players.

The first time you play, you will get a tutorial on how the general game of Monopoly works and how to use it on iPod Touch. Everything is well explained and can be learned fairly fast.

The game is a bit more pricey than other app store games. But for the quality of this game, I would recommend buying this application.


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