Want to convert your entire DVD collection so that you can put it into a digital format and then add it to your iPod or iPhone?

The process is much easier than what you may think it to be. The total process consists of two parts: removing the encrypted video file from the DVD, and then converting the digital video to and iPod or iPhone friendly format.

Warning: This guide is provided for educational purposes only. Be sure to check your local rules and regulations before ripping copyrighted DVD's. This guide is intended for legal use only.


DVD Decrypter Windows

Videora iPod Converter Windows (Mac)

Note: Mac users don't have the same decrypter as Windows users so the processes explained in this guide will be different, but the general idea is the same.

Part 1: Convert DVD to Digital Format

1. Download (see above) and install DVD Decrypter

2. In the menu bar, click on Mode. Then select IFO mode.

3. In the menu bar, click on Tools. Then select Settings.

4. Click on the IFO Mode tab. In the File Splitting drop-down bar, select None. Then click OK.

5. Click on the Stream Processing tab. Check Enable Stream Processing. If you have more than two files listed in the box, select only the first two files. Uncheck the other files.

6. Now you can change where you want your ripped DVD movie file to go to by selecting the small folder icon near the middle of the page. (It's best to select the Desktop.)

7. Click the large image of a DVD in the bottom left of the box, to start ripping.

Part 2: Converting Ripped File to iPod/iPhone Friendly Format

1. Download (see above) and install Videora iPod Converter

2. At the top of the screen, click Settings. Then under the Device tab, select the model of your iPod or iPhone. Once finished, click Save Settings.

3.At the top of the screen, click Convert. Then click the Video File tab under it.

4. Click on Select File in the bottom right corner. Then find the location where you chose to rip your files. Select the *.VOB file from that location. Click Open.

5. Click on the second Browse button that has now appeared to change the location of where your converted video file will be put (The desktop is recommended.) Once done, click the orange Next button in the middle of the screen.

6. Now settings for your converted video file will appear in the middle of your screen. You can change the default settings but if you don't know anything about video quality, just leave all the settings as they are. Once done, click the orange Next button.

7. You can now enter a name for your video once it's converted. When you're done, click the Start Converting button.

8. The video will start converting. To view the conversion progress, click View Conversion Progress.

Once the conversion is finished, the video file will automatically import into your iTunes library. Then you can sync the file into your iPod or iPhone.


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