So you've heard somethings about jailbreaking, but what are the facts and what is just gossip?

Before we start, a few quick facts about jailbreaking:

  • Currently, out of the 75 million iPods/iPhones, 7,500,000 (10%) devices are jailbroken. This number is growing each day.
  • Jailbreaking gives the user full access to all files on the device which are originally restricted by Apple
  • Jailbreaking and unlocking are different. Unlocking is only for the iPhone. It allows users to use their iPhone on networks besides what Apple allows them to.

  • Cydia is the current 'App Store.' It has packages that users may install on their device that would not be allowed by Apple. 99% packages in Cydia are free. The only way to install Cydia on your device is to jailbreak.
Myth 1: Jailbreaking will brick your device

This is one of the largest reason that iPhone and iPod touch owners don't jailbreak is because of the fear of bricking their device. To brick means to freeze up the device so that it is unable to perform normal functions (essentially becoming a $300 brick.) This was only a concern in the very first jailbreaks of firmware 1.1.1. The entire problem has been solved now and it is impossible to brick your device while jailbreaking.

If you ever think your device is bricked, put your device into DFU (Device Firmware Upgrade) mode and restore with iTunes, it will be put back to normal.

Myth 2: Jailbreaking is illegal

Jailbreaking is 100% legal. You paid Apple $300 for an iPhone, you are allowed to do anything you want with it. Apple makes it seem as though jailbreaking is illegal by highly discouraging it. Jailbreaking does not use any illegal or pirated code.

After jailbreaking there are certain apps (Installous, App Sync, etc...) that pirate App Store apps and give them to your for free but they are discouraged by most of the community and are easy to stay away from as warnings will come up before these apps can be downloaded.

Myth 3: Once jailbroken, there is no turning back

If you jailbreak your device and (for some reason) you decide that you don't like it, you can always restore it to it's original factory condition. If your device freezes and doesn't respond to any buttons, you can put it into DFU mode and then restore. That will work 100% of the time.

Myth 4: Jailbreaking does not have many benefits

Fully customizable themes, SBSettings, a simple flash player (iMobileCinema), and NES for your device are just a small amount of the benefits of jailbreaking. The jailbreaking community is always creating new apps, themes, and hacks exclusively for jailbroken users. The only way to actually experience these upgrades is to jailbreak first and try them out first-hand.

Myth 5: Jailbreaking takes too much time and money

The current jailbreak method only takes about a total of 2 minutes to fully setup. There are no charges for the jailbreaking software. If you have paid for them, demand a refund as it will always be free for the public.

If you're ready to jailbreak, click here to get started.


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