Before the release of EA's Need for Speed Undercover, many were expecting the game to be an total flop because of its continual delay over almost 6 months. But now that NFSU has finally been released, it is very obvious that this game contains everything but the kitchen sink.

Game Play

You play as an undercover street racer who is directed by a woman who calls the hits. Missions she can send you on vary from one on one races to cop take downs to even transporting an expensive Ferrari to the garage with out damaging it and getting caught by the cops. You can even crash the cops into oncoming traffic to decrease their health bar.

Cruise in style with your choice of 20 hot cars. These include the Lamborghini Gallardo, the Pagani Zonda F, the Nissan 370Z, and many more.

Need for Speed Undercover has everything that the other guys don't. Including exhilarating graphics, amazing finesse in every detail, and its creation with the user in mind.


You could not have asked for better graphics on a mobile device. The in-driving experience has to be the best seen on the App Store so far. There are no odd boxes that appear randomly throughout the game. The game also has a special in-game animation for cops and sudden braking.


The controls used in this game are fairly familiar if you've used any other racing game for iPhone. The only differences with Need for Speed are the gestures. Slide up to activate nitrous oxide, slide down for a short burst of full brake, slide two fingers down to pause, and tap to brake. These new controls make the game much more enjoyable and realistic. Also as you play, you can feel the difference between cars. Unlike other games where all cars feel the same in their capabilities, you can tell the difference between a Pontiac and a supped-up Mustang.

Music/Sound Effects

Turn up the sound or hook up your iPod touch to the biggest sound system you can find becuase NFSU comes pre-loaded with real music from real artists and bands. Need for Speed also comes with realistic accelerating, decelerating, braking, and police noises just to pump it up even more!


This game's customization ability is the best out of all current games in the app store. Need for Speed offers an arsenal of 20 different flaming hot cars to choose from. Every part of your car is created to your specifications. From the paint job to the style of the vinyls to the engine quality, the car is made entirely by you.


There really isn't much to say here. But one of the biggest complaints by iPhone racers is the lack of a free-roam mode in which the driver could drive around the city causing mahem how ever they wished.

Overall, this is a top-noch game and is recommended for any type of gamer. A lot of work has been put into this and it is clear that it did pay off.


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