With Apple's app store growing everyday with hundreds of new applications, it's hard to fit all your icons on your springboard with out the use of Categories or 5-Column Springboard. But if you don't like having your applications in folders or you are still running out of room, you can install 6Rows. This will let you fit up to 220 (9[6*4]+4) icons on your springboard.

1. Open Cydia and go into the Manage tab.
2. Tap on Sources, Edit, and then Add.
3. Type in http://cydia.touch-mania.com and tap Add Source.
4. Once the source is added, tap on the Search tab.
5. Type SixRows.
6. Install the package by tapping on Install and the Confirm.
7. Let your device respring and you will have 6 rows of icons.


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