Need for Speed, one of the (if not the) most anticipated games to ever be rumored to come to iPod touch and iPhone has finally parked itself into the App Store. Check out our full review of NFSU here.

Many people were expecting this game to be a flop after EA took so long to release it. I have two words for those people; it wasn't.

This version of Need for Speed Undercover features:

  • 20 amazing cars.
  • Camera angles that increase the awesomeness of your ride!
  • Customizable cars.
  • A full story-line in which you are a get away driver in 24 different missions.
  • Perform amazing drifts which earn you extra points.
  • Exhilarating 3D graphics boost the reality of the game.
  • All cars are 100% customizable. From paint jobs to vinyls to the spoiler.
  • Amazing music from real artists and bands.


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