This is method number two on how to make an iTunes account without having to give away personal information. Please make sure that you have tried the first method before trying this one. This will help you obtain freebies that Apple gives away every week including music and iPod touch applications.

1. Open iTunes and the top-most right box click on Redeem.

2. Type in one of these codes:

3. Click Redeem. It will tell you that it is expired or already used up. That is okay. If it doesn't tell you that it is used up or expired, then try a different code.

4. Now push the Home button in the top left corner of iTunes.

5. Next, in the top right corner, click Sign In.

6. Click Create New Account.

7. Enter all of your details and click Continue.

8. Now there will be a None option when iTunes asks which method you would like to pay with. Select none and fill out your details. Don't worry, you won't be billed by Apple to pay money, just a bill that says $0.00.

Now all you have to do is verify your e-mail and you will be able to grab the album art, free apps, and free singles.

If this doesn't work for you , we will gladly make an account for your. Just ask.


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