Fieldrunners is probably one of the best tower defense games in the app store. It is also one of our top apps. Combining great graphics, realistic sound, and a game that can't be put down, this has to be one of our all-time favorites.

Fieldrunners features four different weapons to choose from. Each can be upgraded by tapping on it. If you're running low on cash, you can sell some of the weapons that you previously bought and get a fraction of the price back. Each time a game starts, you will get the screen shown below reminding you of the buttons and their actions.

This game has two different battle grounds to test your skills to the fullest. Grasslands features an outdoors landscape where the enemies enter through the left side and try and infiltrate through to the right side.

In crossroads, an indoor arena, the enemies can come from either the left or the top entrances. The enemies try to go through to the opposite side they came from. Remember to make the path that the runner have to take the longest as possible. So arrange your small artillery in an up-and-down fashion, as shown above. This has proven to be very useful when attacking large enemies.

You choose the arena and you choose where your artillery goes. Make it into any shape you want it, just don't block the exit. Four different weapons and two different landscapes, the possibility are endless. The graphics are simply amazing for a tower defense game. The explosions are realistic and the bullets, rockets, and electric shock are irresistible.

For the price, this game is very well made and has a lot of edges over its competitors. We recommend this game to anyone who is looking for a professionally made tower defense game.


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