Line Rider iRide
Rating: 4.5/5

Line Rider for iPod touch screen brings everything from the original Line Rider, except the ads. Guide Bosh, the sledder, to do amazing tricks through hills, loop-de-loops, and many more amazing tricks. Another great feature, sharing your tracks with the community, isn't left off in this mobile version.

The game is very easy to play and it is very addicting. The pencil tool allows you to draw freely and in any direction.

  • The line tool allows you to draw straight lines.
  • The eraser tool allows you to erase lines in the color you choose it to erase.
  • The undo tool will undo the last line drawn.
  • The zoom tool allows you to zoom in and out by pinching.
  • The hand tool allows you to move around the board.
  • The play button will play the current screen.
  • The flag tool can be used when playing the screen to set a checkpoint to start the next time you play.
  • The save tool lets you load, save, and distribute tracks with the community.
  • The trash allows you to delete the current track.
The blue line draws regular lines that go with the flow of gravity. The red acceleration lines will accelerate Bosh forward. The green scenery lines don't affect Bosh, they are only there for show.

The game never lags, even when many lines are drawn. iRide is very fun and is a great app for any LineRider enthusiast.


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