Ferrari GT: Evolution, the first racing game to only provide Ferrari cars, has hit the app store. Featuring every Ferrari from the California to the 250 GTO. One downside this app has over its competitors is that it is six dollars while Fastlane Street Racing is only five (Prices may fluctuate over time.)

The car selection in this game is very extensive, 33 to be exact. The licensed Ferrari's could be a factor as to why the price of this game is so high. Each race can be customized you selection of car, color, map, and race type. You can unlock more Ferrari's by earning points from winning races.

The game play is fun and lag free. The description of the app tells you that if you are experiencing problems in quality of the game, you should fully restart your iPod, but it was not a problem for us. You can play in three different modes; Career, Multiplayer, and Quick Race.

In career mode, you race in certain events in which you have to win in a certain place, or complete a time trial. If you have a friend that has an iPod Touch, you can play against them in multiplayer. This is only if you are sharing the same wi-fi network. You will soon be able to play multiplayer online over wi-fi. In Quick Race you can play a small point, circuit, time trial, or elimination race. Each one requires a minimal amount of setup and play time.

There are three different control modes for Ferrari GT: Evolution. You can steer by tapping on either side of the screen, accelerometer, or using the Ferrari steering wheel. The controls take awhile to get used to but are fun when you do get the hang of it.

The graphics are good considering this is a mobile device. The architecture is well built and the game doesn't lag even when going at high speeds. Although I think they are better in Fastlane, you can decide for your self.

Overall, this is another really nice game by Gameloft and is recommended for any Ferrari fan. It comes with nice and smooth graphics and a wide variety of Ferrari's.


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