Diner Dash

The classic game of Diner Dash is on the iPod touch. You play as Flo, an amateur restaurant owner. As the levels progress, you go from the lowest restaurant to a 5-star dining boutique.

The point of the game is simple; collect the amount of money to meet your goal from your customers by making them happy. You have to take their orders, serve them, and cleanup after them. As the levels progress, you get more and more customers which can get displeased and leave your restaurant.

The customers can be dissatisfied if they have to wait in line for too long or if you take too long to get to them. Their satisfaction level is shown by the heart meter located underneath them. If your customers aren't happy, you can make them happy by immediately taking their order or serving them before others. As you progress in the game, you can make them happier by serving them coffee.

The sound effects are really nice. It is actually pretty pleasant to listen to. It changes as more customers come into your restaurant so you aren't stuck listening to the same track looping over and over.

It can get a little hectic as you get into the higher levels. In Flo's Career Mode, when you've completed a restaurant, Flo will have enough money to make a new and better restaurant and you will then work in the better one.In Endless Shift, you serve as many customers as you can until enough have gotten mad because of your service that they leave.

This game is a really classic game and it is a really good remake of the one played on computers. Nothing has been left out from the computer version. Overall Diner Dash is a really well made puzzle game. As you go through more levels, the game becomes more and more addicting.


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