Armado, a new left and right scrolling game powered by the accelerometer, similar to Kroll. But it has some features that Kroll doesn't have and that other previous games don't have: graphics. Here's a list of some features of this new game.


  • Control with accelerometer makes for good fun.
  • Great music that seemed to truly composed, not put together on a hot Sunday night.
  • Great 3D graphics!
  • Challenging ants, scorpions, deep river valleys, and falling rocks will challenge your skill.
  • Completely lag-free game.
  • No option to stop the accelerometer.
  • Can't be played while laying down (I figured this out on the first day).
  • Some loading screens.
  • Only back and forth motions.
I recommend this game to anyone who has some extra money laying around and wants to get a fun time-killing app.


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