*Notice: If you missed this sale, you can still check these apps out. Some developers are having extended holiday sales.
Some iPod Touch app developers are having Black Friday sales where they are giving apps for free. You can find complete lists all over but I wanted to show you the ones.

  • Fuzzball-A combination of billiards and soccer strategy game that can be played multiplayer.
  • Polyomino Puzzles- A puzzle game that has hundreds of, some even with thousands!
  • Code Alpha- Another puzzle game in which a bunch of letters are displayed, you try and make words from the letters.
  • Freedom Run- A fun and addicting race, controlled by the accelerometer, where you are the American Political Mascots.
  • 2079-Another mini-shooter with very high reviews.
  • Blitz-An arcade style mini-shooter with graphics that match the price.
  • Space Money-A good time-killing app in which you are a money in space (as you probably could tell from the title). You go around collecting space trash, but watch out for batteries!
  • Jump Meter- A friends-friendly app that lets you measure the height that you jumped. I'm not sure how accurate this is.
  • Brain Blaze Spelling-A fun game that helps your spelling by giving flash cards of commonly misspelled words.


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