My brother had been using the Griffin Reflect see below and he didn't like how it changed the feel to the iPod, so he got the Invisible Shield by Zagg. It was $25 with no tax or shipping charges. So here's a review on the Invisible Shield.

Packaging: 8.5/10
I was really surprised to see the amount of work put into designing the box that held the tough plastic, installation squeegee and the application spray. I guess that could be one reason the price is very high.

Application: 7/10
The application was fairly easy and only took about 10 minutes for the back and the front it was only his first time doing it and I thought he did a great job.

Look(Front): 7/10

The plastic on the front has many small dimples that make the screen a little harder to slide and it takes away from the smoothness of the screen, but it didn't bother my brother too much.

I loved the look on the back, mostly because the back of the iPod is very prone to scratches. The dimples that were on the front are just the same on the back but it looks more natural on the back than it does on the front.

Feel: 9/10
The feel it has in your hand is great! It feels like a big shiny rock that you've found on the beach! It also extremely improves the grip.
Corners: 7/10
The corners were a little harder to put on than the actual back, but we did get it to look descent.

Overall: 8.5/10
The product is great and doesn't add any bulk to the iPod, but it comes with a steep price tag, $25. I obviously thought this was too much, so I went searching on the net for a cheaper solution,I found Best Skins Ever. I will be doing a review on it as soon as it comes in the mail. It's here! Check out the review! Also check out the comparison between Invisible Shield and Best Skins Ever.


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