Since I didn't want to spend the $25 for Invisible Shield (the way the economy is going), I got Best Skins Ever iPod Touch skin for a $10 bargain! Here's a review, soon a comparison between Invisible Shield and Best Skins Ever will be posted.

Here is our iPod before applying the skin.

What's in the box? One Best Skin Ever front, One Best Skin Ever back, and a piece of paper that has your package details.

Packaging: 6/10
The package wasn't really even a package. It was just an envelope with the two skins, a piece of paper with shipping and billing address's and a link with directions on how to apply the skin. At least it's healthy for the environment.

Application: 9/10
The application was super easy! The plastic slipped and slid where ever you wanted it to go. All you did was dip the plastic in the solution and slide it over where you wanted it to go.

The front has a glossy look to it. It has dimples on it but they are much smaller, and less noticeable, than the dimples on the invisible shield.

Look(Back): 9/10
The back of the iPod looks great! The dimples are present in the same way they are in the front, but again it looks more natural on the back.

Feel: 9/10
The feeling of having your iPod so thin and free from the bulky cases is great. It has a rubber like feel to it.

Grip: 9/10
The skin greatly improves grip. You can take your iPod and push it on to glass and have it sit there for about an hour, as I have done! A video is posted below.

Corners: 8/10
The corners fit perfectly with out any hassle but about 2 cm of each corner is not covered with plastic, it is open and venerable.

Overall: 9/10
We really recommend this product if you have a bulky case and you are tired of it. It is only ten dollars with sipping and tax. Shipping only takes about 4 days to the U.S. It is a really good protector of scratches and small bumps and drops.


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