Many iPhone and iPod touch users have already figured out that their device is capable of so much, but most of you don't know many tips and tricks that can help the quality of how you use your device. Here are some tips and tricks to use with the iPod touch.

Tips marked by an asterisk mean that they can only be used by a jailbroken iPod. All the others can be used right out-of-the box.

  • If you push the home button two times quickly, it will bring up a mini-music player with a 'shortcut' to the Music app and a Play/Pause and Next/Previous Track.
  • Tapping and holding an icon on the home screen will make them all wiggle, you can then move them around or delete the ones you don't want by tapping the X. Push the home button to stop the wiggling.
  • If you iPod is frozen, you can do a force restart by holding home and power buttons at the same time for 6-10 seconds until your iPod boots up.
  • When you are in Safari and you are at the bottom of a page, tap the bar at the top (where the time is). The page will automatically go to the top. This is very useful if you have are on a long page.
  • Tapping the space bar twice will make an automatic period come up when typing. This won't happen if you disabled it in your settings. To re-enable it, go to Settings--General--Keyboard, then turn on the "."Shortcut.
  • Turning your device sideways when in the Calculator application, will give you a wider variety of mathematical choices.
  • DON'T use glass cleaners to clean your iPod, chemicals in glass cleaners and other household cleaners damage your iPod. Instead use a mildly damp cloth.
  • Do you feel that you've been running out of battery quite quickly lately? That might be the case if you are opening and closing many apps at a time. To fully turn off a application, instead of pushing the home button, hold it down for about 4-6 seconds until it closes fully. Just simply pushing the home button leaves some applications running in the background.
  • If you want to take a screen shot of what is on your screen, just click the home and power buttons at the same time and the screen will flash white, indicating that that photo was taken. Now you can see the photo in you Photos application.
  • When typing, pushing a letter and holding it down gives you non-english letter markings like ç, or ê.
  • When you are typing and you needed to capitalize the first letter in your sentence, but you don't want to go all the way back and delete everything you wrote. So tap and hold your finger over the incorrect letters and a small magnifying glass will come up. Move the little blue cursor to the spot, push delete on the keyboard and fix the error. This only works when you are in typing mode.
  • Pressing the home button while on the home screen will bring you to your first page.
  • To save images in Safari and Mail, just hold your finger over it for a few seconds and a prompt will appear asking if you would like to save it.
  • *SSH can drain battery power. To stop it from always being on on your iPod touch, go to Cydia then Search and type in "Boss Prefs" download it. Now go into the Boss Prefs app and turn off SSH. If SSH isn't listed you may need to put it there. To do this go to Boss Prefs then Config then Show SSH should be on. Now when ever you need to SSH you can turn it on with Boss Prefs, just don't forget to turn it off.


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