Remote notes is an application that allows a iPod touch user to import their notes from their iPod to their computer.

Download and Installation:

  1. Download Remote Notes from installer.
  2. Write a note in your Notes.app.
  3. Go to the Remote Notes.app on your iPod and on your computer web browser type in the numbers and letters that it tells you to.
  4. The user name and password is remotenote. Later you can change the user name and password from your iPod in the application.
  5. On the computer you should see all the notes from your iPod if you push the delete button on your web browser, the note on your iPod will be deleted. To copy the note from your iPod simply click on the the note from your computer web browser and copy and paste it into where ever you need it.

Overall this is a great app with lots of capabilities, we've been waiting for something like this to come along.


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