An app created by a large warez distribution site has App Store developers seeking help from Apple.

The app, named IPA God, is created by iModZone. The App claims to be able to installed illegal (cracked) applications on to iDevices such as the iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad running an iOS 4.1 or higher. Though it's highly unlikely that it is a fake, as the site has a farily well standing, many are calling bluff on IPA God.

Though you may say, big deal, Installous already installs cracked ipa on iDevices. This is true, but IPA God is claimed to be the first app to install ipa's without the use of a jailbreak. This greatly expands the scope of people who will use this app instead of 'risking' their devices to jailbreak.

Ironically, the app will be available to purchase for $20.

i-Enthusiast was able to get a short interview with the developer of IPA God himself, details are shady but the developer has confirmed to chpwn that it is the real-deal. IPA God will be avaiable 'soon'.



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