Firemint has released another very anticipated racing game called Real Racing. This app is one of Need for Speed's biggest competitors. This app has a few features that all other current racing games in the App Store don't.
These extra features include:

  • 36 unique cars.
  • A futuristic menu system.
  • 4 different methods of steering.
  • Ability to upload replays to YouTube (see below for example).
  • Challenge the world in multiplayer.
  • 2 different camera modes.
  • Auto-breaker.
One amazing feature of this game that is sure to catch your eye is the sky. Each race has a different 'mood' to it and the sky changes along with it. Also there are added sun glare effects as an added bonus.
The ability to add replays of your best races to YouTube really gives this game some flare. All you have to do to get a video up is to register for a free account at the Real Racing website then make sure that your YouTube account has been linked with your Real Racing account. After that, open the Real Racing app on your device and go to the League mode in the Connected section. Join a league. Finish a race and tap Sync. The video should start uploading on to your account on the Real Racing website.

Here is a small demo of a league race.


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