Standford University is now offering free video courses to help developers who would like to create games for iPhone and iPod. The video courses are available on iTunes U as podcasts.

The first three video lessons are each 1 hour long and contain lots of information about cocoa touch, objective C, and custom classes.

Know that you must know at least some objC language to even try and start something like this. If you are a new developer or you want to be a developer, you may want to try "Hello World" before you try any more programming.

The video lessons will last for ten weeks and include video presentations and downloadable text documents. New lessons will be posted every Wednesday and Friday. You can subscribe to their feed to get the latest podcasts.

Here are the podcasts that have already came out. You can download the video or the PDF
files of each lesson. Click on any link to open iTunes on your computer.

Lesson 1:

OSX and Cocoa Touch Video

OSX and Cocoa Touch PDF

Lesson 2:

ObjC and Foundation Frameworks Video

ObjC and Foundation Framework PDF

Lesson 3:

Custom Classes and Memory Management Video

Custom Classes and Memory Management PDF


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