After DigTimes announced that Apple had possibly ordered 100 million new 8GB NAND flash chips, the iPhone community has been buzzing about what Apple plans to do with these new chips. iPhone 3GS has been revealed! Check it out here.

Apple has most likely placed the order for a newer iPhone or iPod touch to be coming into the market some where in June or July of 2009. So what's the new iPhone going to look like? We've put together a small list of possible answers with a iPhone commercial spoof at the end.

1. iPhone with video chat. This was a very anticipated feature for 2.0 although it never came.by Rodolphe Desmare

2. iPhone Elite features a better camera and a slide out QWERTY keyboard.
by Mat Brady

3. An amazing clear iPhone design but it probably won't happen.

by Robert Davis

4. A very stylish looking metal iPhone complete with front-facing camera for video conferencing.

by Jim Young

5. An iPhone nano style concept phone. Again with a front and back facing camera.

by Isamu Sanada

6. Another iPhone nano style concept. This time, it comes in black and white.
7. iPhone, iPhone nano, and iPhone shuffle concepts.
Enjoy our iPhone 4G commercial spoof.


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