Cydia Store, if you haven't already found out from the buzz that is going around, is a "App Store" of jailbroken iPods and iPhones. Cydia Store would enhance the experience for the user who is buying apps from Cydia. It will be a quicker and easier process than having to get a product key to buy apps like Snapture and PdaNET.

All apps that are free now will remain free. Cydia Store is meant to be used as an alternative to App Store and allow easier access to buying apps from the jailbroken community. This will also help developers who couldn't cut Apple's app check in the App Store.

The Wall Street Journal says Jay Freedman, AKA Saurik (the creator of Cydia and Cydia Store), says

The overworking goal is to provide choice. It's understandable that [Apple] wants to control things, but it has been very limiting for developers and users."
The goal of Cydia store is to open up the markets of paid iPhone app development to everyone besides Apple. Cydia store will also bring a comment rating system to Cydia which will be very exciting to see how it works out. Here are some preview screen shots of the rating system:

Cydia Store is expected to be coming out late tonight very soon as stated on the home page of Cydia:

*UPDATE* The main screen of Cydia has just been update from
Very Soon ;P
Hopefully we will see some updates in the next few hours!
Cydia store is open check it out.


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