If you didn't know it already, there are some real high-hitting game companies that are developing for iPhone. These include Konami, Electronic Arts (EA), and Warner Bros. Here is an ever growing list of anticipated games coming out soon.

All games that have already been released in the app store will be crossed out.

  • Kill Test (LiveFire)- From the creators of Rolando, this multiplayer FPS resembles older versions of Halo. Release date: Summer '09.

  • Ffia '10- The next soccer app most likely to compete with RealSoccer '09 and X2Football.
  • NFS: Shift- The next app in the line of Need for Speed games.
  • Gang$tar- This app looks to be the true Grand Theft Auto of iPhone.

  • Tekken- A popular fighting game ported to iPhone.
  • BioShock- A 3D first person shooter. Not too much is known except it is coming.
  • Re-Volt- Another first person shooter. Developed by Canadian IUGO.

  • Payback- a Grand Theft Auto like game with a birds eye view.

  • SimCity- just like SimCity for other platforms. Build your city and make it prosper.

  • Need for Speed Undercover- The very highly anticipated version of NFS for iPod touch and iPhone. Even after months of delay, this game has still not come out. Only time will tell when this will really come out.

  • 7 Cities- An amazingly in-depth tower defense game.

  • Lego Batman: Gotham City- This turned out to be a huge flop. It was nothing like the game on other platforms.
  • Metal Gear Solid Another very anticipated game. It was scheduled to come out during the end of February 2009, no word on when it is now coming out.

  • Platypus- A 'cute' side scrolling shooter.

  • Modern Combat: Sandstorm- An FPS created by Gameloft which looks very similar to a game like Call of Duty or similar.


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