If you're not familiar with the technical gargle that comes with setting up SSH on your iPod, you may want to try DiskAid. It is a free program that is a slimmed down version of WinSCP. Check it out here.

-Easy to use interface.
-Doesn't require jailbreak.
-Full access to system files.
-Faster than WinSCP since it is connected though USB not Wi-Fi.
-No use of SSH on iPod; won't result in battery drain.
-Many basic commands for the first-time user.

-Every time you switch to a different directory, folders have to be refreshed.

-No wireless support.
-To get to all system files you have to go to bottom left corner and click on Root Folder.
-No terminal.

Overall, this is a really nice piece of software for the beginner hacker. And it is a really good backup if your iPod isn't functioning properly and you need to SSH a file out.


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