The iPod Touch Weblog would like to present...

...Clean Abstract, our newest combination theme.

We would like to give credit to the following for making their themes available on Cydia. These people really made this theme, we just took parts and bits from them, edited some, and created Clean Abstract.

- Telesphoreo, 5 Icon Dock
- Michael Nielsen, Apple Milk Theme
- ilucas, Clockscreen
- Allen, Famous Quotes Widget
- Carrbone, Ice Keys
- LeopipaDesigns.co.uk, Icon Glow
- Forevermac, iSpazio DockFlow iPod
- [wear], Mac UI
- Jayden, Vector
- MaDSouL, Organ
- Tipii, Abstract Wallpaper Pack
- agon, anneMe

What it includes:
- 270 App Store and Jailbreak app icons
- Full UI customization; including Safari, App Store, Music, Photo, and Map apps.

- Lockscreen wallpaper, lock slider, and text mask

- Famous Quotes Widget; displays a new quote every time you unlock your iPod.
- Blue striped background
- Glowing icons
- Ice highlight keys
- Large clock on springboard
- SBSettings theme

How to download and install:
1. Download iBlank and 5 Icon Dock from Cydia.

2.Download the theme:

3. Unzip the file.

4. In WinSCP or Cyberduck, navigate to /private/var /stash/ Themes.xxxxx.
If you don't know how to configure SSH, use this.

5. Drop each folder in separately into the directory Themes.xxxxxx (see picture).

6. Open Winterboard and place the themes in the order shown by the picture.

7. Push the home button and let your iPod respring.

8. Download the lockscreen here.

9.Drop the file into /private/var/stash/Wallpaper.xxxxxx.

10.On your iPod, go to Settings, General, Wallpaper, and then tap on the wallpaper.

11.Open iBlank and make two blank icons for each page on the spring board you have. Arrange them as shown in the picture.

There you have it, Clean Abstract on your iPod Touch. If you want a custom wallpaper done, an image edited to fit your own theme, or some help please don't hesitate to send us a message.


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