Ever since the United States Library of Congress confirmed that jailbreaking was completely legal, many rejoiced at this ruling, calling it a new era of jailbreaking. But up until now, we have not seen any of the direct effects of this ruling on jailbreaking. Apple still refuses to allow users to jailbreak and patches any system vulnerabilities with OS updates.

Now, the first large corporation has entered the jailbreaking community.Toyota has released a theme under their Scion brand into Cydia under the ModMyi repository. The theme utilizes the full extent of the jailbreaking app Winterboard with custom icons, carrier logo, wallpapers, and sliders.

With an estimated number of 10-15 million users with a jailbroken iPod, iPhone, or iPad, other companies may submit themes into Cydia to advertise their product. This means that Apple may have to eventually recognize the significance of the open source iOS device. This also could mean that other companies that create products that are high in demand (like Adobe Flash) may come to Cydia to distribute their apps because Apple does not allow them into the App Store.

Either way, it seems like it is a win-win situation for the jailbreakers and the companies making themes. The future looks bright for all those who jailbreak.


brother tn110y said... @ April 4, 2011 at 2:30 AM

Well honestly I don't have any idea why need to jailbreak your phone? Thanks!

James Quin said... @ April 11, 2011 at 4:05 AM

Score one for the good guys! I'm so tired of Apple operating as if they are god and no one can touch them. The masses are finally fighting back and saying no to Apples authoritarian ways.

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