Textfree has just been promoted with a beta release. In the beta release it gives you a very useful benefit that can drastically help you lower your cell phone bill. In the new beta,Textfree adds a new calling option where you can call anyone you want to using your iPod or iPhone for free.

If you have a iPod touch 4g you can use your headphones as the speakers and the video mircrophone to talk into so theres no needs to buy a headphones that come with a microhphones with it.

Textfree is a app thats been in the Appstore for a couple of years. The app's title is exactly what it does, it give you unlimited texting for free. Also the free app gives you very own phone number where your friends can text you whenever they want.

This app is very beneficial to anyone who want to save a lot of money every month or just doesn't have a cell phone. So get on down to the Appstore and save some money on your monthly cell phone bill.


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