Jailbreaking can be one of the best things you can do for your iPod touch, iPhone, or iPad but it can get  complicated and confusing if you aren't familiar with the programs or terms that are used. If you only jailbreaking for the themes, there is now a way to do so without jailbreaking. This method takes much longer than jailbreaking and using Winterboard, as each icon must be separately added for each app you have.


  1. Download and install iPhone Explorer (supports Mac and PC).
  2. Plug your device into your computer via USB cord.
  3. On the left side of iPhone Explorer, you will see a folder directory. Go to iPhone/Apps/(name of app you want to change) / /(name of app you want to change).app/. For example: MyiPhone/Apps/Safari/Safari.app/
  4. There, you will see a file named icon@2x.png. Rename this to bakicon@2x.png. This is so that if something goes wrong, you will have the original icon still in your device to revert back to.
  5. Now get the icon you want to change the original Safari to (you can get themes by clicking here). It should be on your desktop, rename it to icon@2x.png
  6. Take that file from your desktop and drop it into iPhone Explorer.
  7. If it is the first time you are doing this, reboot your device and make sure it works or else keep repeating steps 3-6 for every app you have.


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