Though there were a few network glitches, and Steve had to ask the audience to turn off their Wi-Fi devices, the WWDC presentation went off with out a hitch. The The World Wide Developers Conference 2010 has come to an end, revealing the newest addition to the Apple family, the iPhone 4. The iPhone 4 contains over 100 new features though Steve only had time of show off a few. Here's what you might have missed about the new iPhone.

Quick facts:

  • New volume buttons
  • Tougher glass screen
  • LED flash
  • 24% thinner than the iPhone 3GS, 9.3 mm
  • 7 hours talk time
  • 10 hours of video playback
  • 40 hours of audio playback
  • 300 hours of standby

The iPhone 4 comes with a modest upgrade to its 3-megapixel camera. Though, as described by Steve Jobs, the quality of the camera has greatly improved than just two megapixels. The backside camera also has an LED flash that lights up low-light environments and also features a backside illumination sensor captures. The new iPhone also has a front-facing camera for Facetime (see below).

The iPhone 4 records 720p HD video at 30 frames per second. In low-light conditions, the LED light stays fully light up to improve video recording. It was also announced that iMovie for iPhone would be released soon. It's unclear if it will also be available for the iPhone 3GS. iMovie will allow for full editing of all videos recorded. Complete with transitions, effects, and titles. iMovie will be available in the App Store for $4.99.

Quite possibly the greatest physical improvement given to the iPhone 4 is the high-resolution. All current iPhones and iPod touches have a 480 x 320 screen resolution, the iPhone 4 has a 960 x 640 resolution! The screen is rated at 326 pixels per inch. Meaning the iPhone 4 has the highest resolution of any phone created up to this point. Which is claimed by Apple to be more than what the human eye can distinguish from.

iPhone 4 allows for a video chat system called FaceTime. The system requires no setup or additional apps to download. This system only works from one iPhone 4 to another iPhone 4. Another restriction to FaceTime is it only works over Wi-Fi, atleast until AT&T can work out a deal (or hackers can get their hands on the software).

iOS 4 (the new name given to Apple mobile Operating Systems) along with the iPhone 4 has multitasking support that promises not to slow down the app running in the foreground and also won't excessively drain the battery.

Gyroscope The iPhone now features a gyroscope to record movements of the device in true space, not only movement on the actual device - like the accelerometer on older devices does.


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