MacRumors is reporting that the upcoming iPhone 4 will have an immense upgrade to its RAM memory.

At WWDC 2010, Apple was quick to announce that the iPhone 4 would contain the same A4 chip, clocked at 1GhZ that the iPad has but Apple did not announce any real details about what the new iPhone hardware would contain over the other iDevices.

It is rumored that the new iPhone will have double the memory of the iPad and it's predecessor, the iPhone 3GS (which both have 256MB). The rumor is that the iPhone 4 will have 512MB of RAM.

This upgrade would put the iPhone up-to-speed with other new smartphones like the HTC EVO, which has 512MB of RAM, a 1GhZ clocked processor, and front facing camera.

To put it into perspective with other iDevices and the Mac Mini, a fully operational computer, check out this graphic:

The image above showed up in one of the WWDC sessions. Session 147, Advanced Performance Optimization on iPhone OS, pt 2 can be found in iTunes and is available for download by registers Apple developers.

This RAM upgrade to the iPhone 4 would explain why only the iPhone 4, and not the iPhone 3GS or the iPad, would be able to use iMovie video editing


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