The Apple website has a new page showcasing the "open, reliable, highly secure, and efficient" ways of HTML5. The site also has seven demos that are only compatible with Apple's Safari browser.

These demos effectively show the capabilities of HTML5 either on your computer, iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch.

The seven demos showcased on the site include:
  • Video - Embed video with HTML5's video tag
  • Typography - stylized fonts using CSS3 and SVG for websites to scale fonts easier
  • Gallery - A 3D image gallery without external plugins
  • Transitions - Transitions from Keynote (or PowerPoint) for images
  • Audio - Ability to add sound to a website
  • 360 - A Javascript mobile-compatible version of the iPod touch 360 spin
  • VR - A 3D exploration of the Apple Store on Fifth Avenue using hardware acceleration
Obviously, Apple is moving forward for their destruction of Adobe's flash, hoping to start a new era of browser-based media enhancements without the use of browser plugins.


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