The phone lost and found in a Bar in Redwood City, previously thought to be a Japanese counterfeit, has now been confirmed to be the real new iPhone 4.

Why it's the real deal
  • A prototype iPhone has been reported missing from Apple.
  • A very high resolution screen, usually not found on copycat phones.
  • OS 4.0 was installed on to the phone before it was remotely deactivated (for obvious reasons).
  • iTunes detects the phone as an iPhone.
  • Gizmodo took the device appart and it has parts clearly labeled as Apple.

iPhone 4 Upgrades/New Features

  • Front facing camera
  • Better camera than the 3GS
  • Camera flash
  • Redesigned volume buttons 
  • New flat, plastic back
  • Aluminum border
  • Larger battery (+16%)
  • Screen is smaller, but with a higher resolution


Gizmodo's has your full details on the new iPhone 4.


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