The fight between who is going to be able to jailbreak all iPod touch's and iPhone's for both Mac and PC first has been getting very aggressive in the past week. All the developers have been coming up with secret code names for their projects, and for themselves, some have even created fake code names to throw us and their competition off. Here is a comprehensive list of the code names and their definitions. This page will be updated if new code names come out (and they probably will).

Jailbreaking Tool Developers:

  • iH8sn0w- Jailbreaker who is working to port Dev Team's PwnageTool to Windows. The ported version is to be called sn0wbreeze (see below). More Info.
  • GeoHot- The user name for George Hotz. He was the one who found the original iPhone exploit and released Purplera1n. He is currently developing Blackra1n (see below). More Info.
  • DarkMalloc- Working with iH8sn0w. More Info.
Jailbreaking Tools:
  • Blackra1n- A jailbreak by GeoHot (see above) the supposedly jailbreak the iPod touch 3G. More Info.
  • Appuloha1l-An easy-to-use jailbreak by the same jailbreaker as Chocolatera1n. It is expected to be released on October 11, 2009. [Fake]
  • Chocolatera1n- A more advanced jailbreak by the same jailbreaker as Appuloha1l. Supports the H1ssingsnake exploit. Has ability to download Cydia packages and update from the app itself. It is expected to be released on October 12, 2009. More Info. [Fake]
  • Bananam1lkshake- A new jailbreaking tool that is for iPhone 3G[S] users that will be able to jailbreak even if the USB and H1ssingsnake exploits are fixed by Apple. But this is only a back-up plan (Possibly fake). More Info.
  • sn0wbreeze- A ported version of PwnageTool to Windows, ported by iH8sn0w and DarkMalloc. Sn0wbreeze is to be released by October 12, 2009.
  • H1ssingsnake- An exploit required by Chocolatera1n to jailbreak.
  • USB-An software exploit that is used by Appuloha1l.
  • ECID- Used by Bananam1lkshake as a back-up plan for iPhone 3G[S] jailbreakers in-case other exploits are fixed in updates by Apple (Possibly fake). More Info.


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