Whether you’re after a little self-guided training for that dream job in network news or just have the urge to censor, iCensor from secretsquare is the app for you.Just import any screen shot, open one of the pages of classic censorship marks and get busy. Drop the mark on the photo, re-size and align it, tap the floppy disc icon (Has anyone actually used one of these in this century?) to save and that’s all there is to it.Your censored work is ready to show, post, or Email to your friends right from the app. iCensor comes with a full selection of marks for any censorship job, including redaction bars and blackouts, stamps, stars, skin blurs, a pixilated mosaic, the classic fig leaf, and Wendy O. Williams signature electrical tape in basic black and seductive red. Small versions of the bars and blackout are perfect for documents. The guys at Secretsquare sweated the details. Skin tones come in seven shades and check out the subtle texture and slight translucency of the electrical tape. Perfect for obscuring nipples! Who knew censorship could be this much fun?Working with iCensor is easy and intuitive, though like all skills, censorship takes a little practice. Import the photo with a few taps, pull up a page of graphics, tap one, and it slithers onto your photo ready to be sized and aligned. The marks are live until the completed work is saved. Pull them to expand and pinch to shrink. The width and length vary together, so document redaction is best done with multiple overlapping thin bars. With a little practice, these can be aligned perfectly to cover the text and the final result will be one long, smooth obfuscation.

iCensor is brilliantly designed and executed. It works exactly as advertised and it couldn’t be easier.The only flaw in the app is the size of the graphics once they appear on the photo.Even when shrunk to their limits, some of them (the fig leaf for example) are too big for iPod-sized shots. Download it today and use its powers for good or evil.


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