Dolphin experience is a strange app. It’s not a bad app, it’s just that there’s not much to do. Basically Dolphin experience is like having a couple of pet dolphins. You feed them, play with them, interact with them, and that’s pretty much it. They never die or get sick, so there is no goal that you are trying to reach. There are a lot of pros to this app, but more cons. I’ll start with the cons.

First off, most apps like this are a lot more fun. The main problem with this app is that it’s too boring. The only things you can do are watch the dolphins, feed them, have them play with a ball, and jump through hoops. Trust me, it gets pretty boring after a while. Another big problem with the app is that there are no directions. You are left to figure out how to do everything by your self. All though there’s not that much to learn, it would still be helpful. For example, the app summary on the app store says that you can perform 18 different tricks with the dolphins, but I only see two tricks that you can do.

Overall, the app lacks involvement. There’s not much you can do but feed, play and interact with them. Now to the pros. One thing I immediately noticed about the app was the great graphics. The graphics are some of the best I’ve seen on the iPod touch. You can also choose from 3 environments to play with the dolphins. And at each environment you can choose from 4 different times of the day to play with them. So really you are getting 12 environments, because each environment is different, at different times of the day. The sounds are great to, mimicking real dolphin cries and water sounds.

The app also loads really fast, which is a surprise because the graphics are so good. Overall though, I think the cons outweigh the pros. There just isn’t a lot to do in this app. You watch them, feed them, and play with them in two different ways. Maybe if you really like dolphins you’ll like this app, but otherwise, I think you’re better off keeping your $1.99.


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