Apple's rock and roll event is taking place tomorrow so where can you get live coverage of all the latest Apple action? There are quite a few places that will offer live streams of the event. See the list below.

Gizmodo will have full coverage of the event including auto refresh on their pages with images.

Mac Rumors

Mac Rumors will not only be having rumors tomorrow. They will have, like Gizmodo, auto refresh on their pages with coverage of the event through pictures.

The actual event will be taking place 10 AM PST, which is 6 PM in the UK.

Of course if you're at school or at work, you probably won't be able to get to a computer to check updates on the event. You can either download the official video of the entire event in high quality video after the event is over on iTunes or you can receive Twitter updates on your iPhone (or iPod touch if you facility has Wi-Fi).

Twitter events can be viewed on your device through apps like Twitter Pro IM+ Push for Twitter, Skype, Facebook, MSN. Make sure that you are following this: http://twitter.com/MacRumors before you leave home tomorrow.


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