Good thing that the makers of SAT Spinner chose to price it at $0.99, because what you get for your buck is not that much. Basically you get a dictionary with 400 words that are most likely to show up when you take the SAT test. The people who bought this app that are taking the SAT test thought that it was very helpful in preparing them for the vocabulary portion of the SAT.

There are four levels that range from easy, to medium, to hard and finally to extreme. Tap the Spin button and the app will shuffle all the words for you and pick a random one. Tap Select, and the Definition and the part of speech show up in a separate box. (For example; Verisimilitude: (n.) the appearance of truth; the quality of seeming to be true.) Press done, and then choose a different word, or scroll to sentence or variations and tap select. Choosing sentence will put the word that you selected into a sentence that will help you figure out the definition of the word. (Sentence: Even though the movie was based on a true story, the film lacked verisimilitude.) Choosing variations will give you a couple of variations of the words such as plurals and more. (Variations: Verisimilutudinous, verisimilar, verisimilarily.)

As I mentioned before there are four levels to choose from ranging from easy to extreme. The words in easy are quite simple, like moderate, humble, and domestic. Switch the level to extreme, and there are words that college professors probably do not know, such as obstreperous, foppish, parsimonious, and unctuous.

That’s pretty much all the app has to offer, but according to the makers they examined 50 actual SAT tests and picked the most occurring words. One suggestion for a future upgrade, is having a multiple choice game where the user can pick a word and choose the write meaning from several definitions. This would be much better than just picking the word and trying to guess the definition and then checking to see if you got it right. All the users of this app thought it was better than any other SAT study app available on the market.

So if you are a high school student getting ready to take the SAT test and you don’t have a good vocabulary, then this is the app to buy in order to prepare you for the real thing.


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