Impossisquares from Crucial Development Studios is a simple game that combines co-ordination and strategy. You use the accelerometer to keep the orange square out of the path of four converging rectangular bars of different size. Two bars move vertically and two move horizontally. Touch one of the bars, or the border, with the orange square and the game is over. No pause button, no free zone, no power pills, no second or third lives. The game ends, your time is displayed, and you can start a new game. The goal is to beat your best time, and you can post your score on Facebook if you like.

The first few games ended in about a second, then I found the path out of the crushing bars. The trick is not to run away from the bars, but to move through them and wait them out when your square is out of the path. As you can see, they move beyond the borders and that gives you a small time advantage. They also change patterns and start moving faster after you’ve eluded them for five seconds or so.

I like simple games. If I have to think too much, I might as well be working. I found playing Impossisquares frustrating at first, but the more I played, the more I appreciated its challenge and brutal simplicity. I managed to get my score form .5 seconds to 29 seconds after about ten minutes, but once, the game stopped with a flash of light and brought up this score:

Impossisquares had somehow taken me 51 minutes into the past! I’m not sure how I did this, but I’m planning to write down some winning lottery numbers next time I play.


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