Appbox Pro
Rating: 5/5

Appbox pro is unlike any other app available on the app store. First of all, it combines 18 apps into 3.1 MB. These apps include battery life, clinometer, currency, a dashboard, date calculator, days until, a flashlight, holidays, a loan calculator, a p calculator, random number, price grab, a ruler, sale price, a tip calculator, a translator, a unit converter with an amazing 357 units, and last but not least, web app links. There are bound to be even more apps added through updates. Although it may seem complicated, it is not. It's very easy to figure out. The layout is very appealing to the eye, and is amazing at only $0.99.

The app even includes a mini game, Collapse, which wasn’t mentioned on the app store. The clinometer is very detailed, and is a bargain considering that real ones fetch prices of up to $35. I especially like that it shows you the amount of space you have on your iPod touch or iPhone and converts it into an easy to read graph. The web app links pretty much just direct you to the web apps through Safari. The P calculator is for women only and predicts the probability of pregnancy and ovulation. Random number does what the name suggests. It picks a random number within your boundaries. The translator has an amazing selection of languages and is better than some translation apps I have purchased from the app store for five times the price. The currency app will convert your currency to eleven other currencies. It will even update the rates for you, so you know the approximate conversion. The dashboard pretty much gives you a review of what is going on. It provides you with battery info, storage info, upcoming holidays, and the current currency rate, which is frequently updated. The date calculator will tell you everything that you possibly need to know about dates, and the days until app will countdown to a date you picked. The flashlight can vary in color through the whole color spectrum and the brightness can be lowered or raised. The holiday app will tell you upcoming holidays in 8 countries. Clearly this app is extremely under priced.

This app should cost at least $10 dollars, because there are more than 18 mini apps within the whole app. I could find no faults with this app and highly recommend it.


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