With every new Apple product comes the necessary ceremony of taking apart every bit and piece. The iPod touch 3rd Generation is no exclusion. iFixit has taken provided a complete guide of how to take apart your new touch (that is if you're willing to).

The breakdown revealed that the iPod touch 3rd Generation has an improved Broadcom BCM4329 combination Wi-Fi/Bluetooth chip. This chip also can receive FM transmissions which may be activated in later firmwares by Apple.

The search by iFixit also revealed another very important component that just might make our beloved Steve wish that he didn't have that interview with David Pogue. In his interview, Steve clearly stated that the iPod touch did not have enough room for a camera like the Nano did. iFixit reveals that there is some room for a small (but low quality) camera to fit into.

Did Apple leave that space there to place a camera for future generations? Or was the camera removed in a last minute design change before mass production started?

[Pictures via iFixit]


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