Worms, a popular ported game, had previously been degraded because of it's slowness (especially on lower model iDevices), graphic problems, and unfamiliarity from the actual PC game. But now Team17, the creator of Worms, is coming out with a much needed update for the game. The updates in Worms, as stated by Team17, are:

• The option to change graphical settings for increased performance in game.
• More responsive camera controls, including the ability to make the camera zoom further in for a closer look at the action.
• The ability to flip the game screen based on the orientation of your device.
• Improved Ninja Rope controls allowing even more death-defying rope stunts.
• The ability to unleash devastating weapons on your enemies from the safety of a parachute.
• Even smarter enemies with shorter thinking times.
• Highly improved back-flip and jump controls, including a new finger swipe method to make sure you never accidentally jump worms into the water again.
• The facility to customize the game even further by creating your own enemy teams.
• Plus, a whole bunch of improvements to touch responsiveness and performance across all devices!


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