Apple is set to release iPhone and iPod touch OS 3.0 on June 17th. But if you're too eager and can't wait that long, you can download it here. This is the full version of OS 3.0. This isn't a BETA firmware and you don't need a developers key to use it.

Be aware that this will remove all elements on your device including jailbreak, music, video, etc. You can always sync your content back on after installing the new firmware but you will have to wait for a jailbreak.

Download and Installation:

1. Go to this site and click on the second drop down tab. Find your device with it's corresponding firmware and device. For example if you have:

iPod touch 1st Generation, find "iPod touch 1G (3.0/7A341)"
iPod touch 2nd Generation, find "iPod touch 2G (3.0/7A341)"
iPhone 2G, find "iPhone (3.07A341)"
iPhone 3G, find "iPhone 3G (3.0/7A341)"
iPhone 3G S, find "iPhone 3GS (3.0/7A341)"

Click your correct file name and download it.

2. Open iTunes and plug in your device.

3. Hold the Shift key (or Option key for Mac) and click the Restore button.

4. A pop-up should come. Browse to the .ipsw file that you downloaded in Step 1.

5. Let iTunes do its thing. Once it's done, you should be on firmware 3.0 before everyone else!


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