As Skype, the highly anticipated Voip app, was released, jailbroken users were surprised to find that the app is in a very unstable mode. But non-jailbroken users found it to be very stable and free from the bugs that jailbroken users were reporting. The problem of the crashes lied deep within an application installed with Cydia, Mobile Substrate.

Mobile Substrate is the base for lots of jailbroken applications like Winterboard, Five Icon Dock, PreferenceLoader, 20 Second Lock Screen and many others. Mobile Substrate is also the safety net for your device when it crashes. Mobile Substrate puts your device into Mobile Safe Mode which protects it.

Saurik, the almighty cr
eator of Cydia and Mobile Substrate, noticed that his application was the cause of Skype's instability and let out an very quick update which should temporarily fix the issues with Skype.

Saurik announced on his application:

I am still working on the Skype crash interaction: I temporarily disabled Mobile Substrate in Skype.
To fix the Skype issue, just update to the latest version of Mobile Substrate (0.9.2803-1) or newer. This will disable Mobile Substrate while running Skype. This isn't a full fix, but it will allow you to use Skype with your jailbroken device.

Hopefully Saurik will be able to push out a full patch to cover this soon.

Update: Version 0.9.2805-1 now solves this problem. Mobile Substrate is now fully compatible with Skype. Upgrade your copy of Mobile Substrate in Cydia now.


e_david1993 said... @ November 26, 2010 at 3:44 AM

well i will say you must uninstall the software that causes the crashing issues like screen recorder that interrupt to the call coming in...

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