Many of us have already experienced it. If you haven't, it's just a matter of time; your iPod freezes. The first time it happened to me, I went into a state of panic. The cause could be of various reasons. This includes overheating, from over use; programs, too many running at once; and other reasons.

Here is a guide of how to unfreeze almost every iPod. You won't loose any music, videos, etc. This will only restart your iPod.

*Make sure that your iPod is not set to Hold (there is not orange showing). iPod touch and iPhone users don't have to worry about this. *

For all iPod and iPhone models, hold down the buttons shown for approximately 10-12 seconds until a Apple logo shows up. Then you may let go of the buttons.

iPod Generations up to 3.
-Hold down the Menu and Play/Pause buttons.

iPod Generations above 3.
-Hold down Menu and Center buttons.

iPhone and iPod touch
-Hold down the home and power buttons.


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